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Doc and his beloved WL a/k/a Mr. White Lightening101

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We have an amazing breeding program which we are very proud of.  We have had great success in having wonderful happy, healthy and gorgeous puppies.   All of our dogs are bred with certifications on their eyes, hips, elbows and hearts.   We breed excellence only, and all of our dogs coming from the lines of the greatest kennels in the UK.

Not all of our dogs reside here on River Road. Actually, most of them do not.  We simply cannot be selfish and keep all these Goldens to ourselves, so we decided to share them.  Since I have made decisions about their lives and breeding, I also make the decision that they are going to live a very golden life.  Our Goldens either reside in foster programs or reside in rehabilitation centers as therapy dogs.  You will be able to meet the sire during the puppy journey, but again, they are not all on the property.

Our Goldens can offer so much to these people in recovery, they can make a positive change in people’s lives who are in need, so we are sharing them.  Some of our Goldens will be residing at Cumberland Heights, a very well respected rehabilitation center in Nashville.  See more about this under Therapy Dogs / Team Cumberland.

We also have a Golden Gift Program.  This program is for Special Needs children.  In this program we discount, place, train and support a Golden for a Special Needs child.  Please check out our Golden Gifts page to learn more about this program.  We have donated three goldens into this program.  We also work with many families who have special needs children.

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We live on River Road in West Nashville on the Cumberland River and have a few acres on the Cumberland River. The Barn we live in was originally built in the 1930s as a tobacco barn. Around the early 1960’s the first floor of the barn was built. It is very roughed out. The second floor was added in the early 1980’s. It is an amazing home and the River Road Retrievers love the back field, the river, and being able to hang out in the Barn.  They also love their own little home.  It is not a traditional kennel, it is a home for them when they are not in ours.  They have heat and air, cable TV, a large flat screen to watch Animal Planet or for us to watch the news while we are hanging out at their house.
When they are not in their house, they are in ours, which is often.  We love to have slumber parties and yes, when we do, they are all in our room and in our bed.  Every day we have one or two or more with us, rotating them around and giving them that special attention they desire.  Our Goldens are entirely spoiled.  They are not kept in runs, they are not in kennels, but they live a truly Golden life here on River Road.

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The Barn

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