The health of our Goldens is of the utmost importance. The experienced veterinarians and staff at Belle Meade Animal Hospital are phenomenal. The concern that they have for our Goldens and their health is compassionate and personal.  We are very happy to have Dr. Matt Lane as the River Road Retrievers vet.  All of our Golden’s clearances are maintained at Belle Meade Animal Hospital. I highly recommend and encourage anyone who buys a River Road Retriever that lives locally to consider them as their puppy’s veterinarian. You can visit their website here:


Matt Lane




Dr. Matt Lane is our main veterinarian since the inception of River Road Retrievers.  Both my husband and I adore Matt.  Through the years he has come to be a friend and we rely on him for the care of our River Road Retrievers.  Dr. Lane thoroughly checks each and every puppy and when we take a litter in we are there for quite sometime.  His thoroughness has always been impressive and being a breeder this is extremely important to us.

When Dr. Lane is not available we have other veterinarians that support us at Belle Meade Animal Hospital and each of these veterinarians are excellent, Dr. Conn, Dr. Watkins and Dr. Edwards are always available when Matt is not.

The staff there is extremely helpful, kind and keep our dogs records in great order.  I thoroughly enjoy all the staff members there and their willingness to help.

Dr. Matt Lane has practiced small animal medicine and surgery at Belle Meade Animal Hospital since April 2010. He received a B.S. in Animal Science from the University of Tennessee in 2005, and then completed his veterinary degree at the University of Tennessee in 2009. He lives with his wife Lauren, and his three dogs Angus, Darla, and Layla. In his spare time, he is a high school cross-country coach, and also enjoys running, wood-working, and watching UT football. His special interests in veterinary medicine include nutrition and preventative medicine, and working with hunting and working dogs.